Our service offers are client specific because we work to your needs, but here is an idea of what we can provide.


Computing Advice

If you want to do more with you computer, laptop, or tablet (Kindle, iPad, Android) we can help, anything from installing software and showing you how to use it to arranging your files and folders so you can find things more easily.

We can even help you make free phone calls by setting up software that lets you call your friends and family anywhere in the world. Skype isn't always the best choice let us find out what the right option is for you.

megaphone at computer

Upgrades and Repairs

Problems with you computer can be frustrating, perhaps your computer needs to be faster, perhaps your hard drive needs replacing, or perhaps you have a virus.

We can check your computer for you, install new hardware, check for and remove viruses and spyware.


Web Design and Care

Website Design:
Creating a web presence you can be proud of with additional management of your website content if required.

Website verification:
Checking your content is up to date, correct, and that all your links are valid.

Graphic Design

Photos and Images

We can help you create online and offline photo galleries to show your photos. If you want to do more with your photos we can show you how to use image manipulation software, everything from the very basics to advanced techniques.

We can provide you with everything you need to create slideshows, decorate personalised calendars or make your own Christmas and Birthday Cards and if you don't want to do it yourself just ask us and we'll do it for you.